Educationist, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski, OCT

This is the personal web page for award-winning educator and scholar, Dr. Lindy Dr. LindyLedohowski, OCT, a one-time high school teacher and former university professor with over 15 years experience as a a writer, editor, and educator.

Dr. Lindy is a Canadian businesswoman, working in education; co-owns LLRB Holdings (in Canada), through which she co-developed EssayJack; is also a member of the board for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and various other organizations; and is the author of a series of kids’ books and many scholarly articles and conference papers.

On this site you’ll find all sorts of information about her background, expertise, and current projects.

Recent Posts

Oct. 11, TEDxISKL: The Creative Spark in Education


On Saturday, October 11, 2014, I was proud and honoured to participate in the International School of Kuala Lumpur’s first ever TEDx event, organized around the theme of “The Creative Spark.”  I talked about creativity in education, and I will post a link to the talk as soon as the good folks at TEDx upload it.

Congratulations to ISKL for a great event!

For more information (including the twitter feed from the event itself, which includes more photos), please click here!

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